Miami shredders WRONG’s new album Feel Great will feel so (W)RIGHT on Relapse early next year

Miami shredders WRONG's new album Feel Great will feel so (W)RIGHT on Relapse early next year
Photo: Mike Bax

Some choice comments from Bandcamp listeners about WRONG’s self-titled debut album, released last year [note: all weird punctuation/lack of capitalization above is sic; Internet comments don’t come copyedited, kay?]:

• “raw f^#@in’ guitar work and monster truck riffs make for some delicious rock here. Elements of punk and thrash permeate throughout. It DOES remind me of Helmet. What a killer gem to find in a Relapse grab bag!” – Duke LaRue

• “Imagine a timeline where Helmet didn’t dissolve in 1997 and you have WRONG.” – El_Mongoose

• “Chain your kids to a radiator in perpetual darkness for ten years, feeding them nothing but gunpowder, and early Helmet albums, and you’ll get this…” – Rhett Heubschmann

You too, dear reader, may also recall the first time you laid the needle down on its sludgy grooves, and it gave you a feeling you’ve not had since the days when John Stanier was manning the kit for Helmet (I actually find a comparison to Unsane slightly more compelling, but…I already went through all the trouble of copy-pasting that whole jackpot of Helmet comparisons, so…meh.) Here was a record perfect to throw on after a long commute home from your data entry job and rage-along-to while you fed the cat, downed a beer, and screamed into a pillow while CNN chyrons about the 2016 election flashed across your TV screen. Here was a young band carrying the torch for that sweet spot between punk, metal, and noise rock so under-explored by the underground these days and willfully creating a hybrid of its own: WROCK.

But things have changed since then. Sure, you still throw it on from time to time, but you’ve built up a tolerance to it; it just can’t take you far enough off the edge anymore. And that’s a PROBLEM, because you need this kind of music more than ever these days. What’s more: just any other old noise rock album may not be enough. You know what you need. You need an album like WRONG’s self-titled, except…somehow more.

Do not fret, sweet extreme music consumer: WRONG just announced that they’ve wrapped up work on their second full-length. It’s called Feel Great, and it’s set for release on Relapse Records sometime in “early 2018.” No tracklisting or additional info has been unveiled as of yet, but it was produced by the band and mixed by Torche’s Jonathan Nunez (Torche’s Rick Smith is also being tapped to design the album’s cover art).

How will Feel Great sound, then? Probably at least something like the older tunes streaming down below for your convenience, but, per the band (chanted in unison as a gang-vocal, I presume):

We wanted to push ourselves a little more on this record; faster, heavier. The angry parts are angrier, and the melodic parts are more melodic. We like having a good mix of moods. The moods are mostly pissed, just different levels of pissed.

Did you hear that? FASTER…HEAVIER…ANGRIER…DIFFERENT LEVELS OF PISSED. Feels great, doesn’t it?

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