Michael Gira to tour (and possibly ruin the sunny vibe of) Australia

Michael Gira to tour (and possibly ruin the sunny vibe of) Australia

As America and the Northern Hemisphere head into another long winter, the mere thought of Australia heading into another one of its summers spent on golden sand beaches is enough to make anyone who isn’t in Australia more than just a little irritated, right?

Well, suffer no more, non-citizens of Australia, because the dark master himself, Michael Gira of Swans and Angels of Light will be importing his dreary worldview down under in a bid to blow away those damn Australians’ sunny dispositions.

It’s a whistlestop tour down the East Coast at the behest of Lawrence English and the Room40 crew, but there’s nothing that Gira does that doesn’t pack a punch, even when he’s in solo mode armed with nothing but an acoustic guitar, a song book of the blackest-ever lyrics, and a snarl.

Schadenfreude will ensue. Brace yourself, Australia. He’s coming March 2016.

Don’t forget that Gira will then unleash the Swans beast for one final onslaught in its current lineup.

Tour Dates

03.05.16 - Brisbane, Gallery of Modern Art
03.08.16 - Melbourne, Melbourne Recital Hall
03.09.16 - Sydney, Carriageworks

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