Michael Potter releases new EP on Already Dead; Eddie Vedder still alive, yeah-uh-yeah-uh, *guitar solo*

Michael Potter releases new EP on Already Dead; Eddie Vedder still alive, yeah-uh-yeah-uh, *guitar solo*

Heads up, psych-heads. Your favorite Athens, Georgia-based psych-head, Michael Potter, is about to do something. You may not be surprised at what that something is, because that something is something he does quite often, especially considering that he’s the head honcho at tape labels NULL|Z0NE and Garden Portal.

If you can believe it — and honestly, I’m really trying not to be overwhelmed with my non-disbelief here — Potter’s going to release a new tape in the very near future. June 7, in fact.


The crazy part about this is that he’s not releasing said tape on either NULL|Z0NE OR Garden Portal, and that’s kind of blowing my mind a little bit. It’s coming out instead on Atlanta label Already Dead.

Why on earth would you DO that? I mean, the only reason I could think of is if there’s an upcoming tour or something, and you don’t want to do all the promo nonsense for your own work and focus instead on planning for that tour, you may want to have someone else do all the heavy lifting for the release, but…

Oh, shoot, there IS a tour! Well shut my mouth, I guess I’ll paste those deets below.

Anyway, the tape itself, Rain Song, is a single 20-minute track that’s sure to wallop you in the drone quadrant of your brain. Anyone coming into this expecting the brilliant Garden Portal Almanac may be disappointed, but they shouldn’t be. This is e-vo-lution people: a tangible growth in character and skill for Mr. Potter, and you shall love it or else get the hell off my plane.

That’s right, I’m the president, and I’m on Air Force One.

(I forgot to mention: if you buy this tape, there are THREE secret tracks on side B. You won’t hear em online, so act fast!)

Tour dates:

06.06.19 - Atlanta, GA* - Mother Bar
06.07.19 - Carrollton, GA* - The Alley Cat
06.08.19 - Birmingham, AL* - Hourhouse
06.09.19 - Chattanooga, TN* - Sluggo’s Cafe
06.10.19 - Memphis, TN* - Two Rivers Bookstore
06.11.19 - Nashville, TN* - Betty’s Grill
06.12.19 - Lafayette, IN* - The Spot Tavern
06.13.19 - Columbus, OH* - Café Bourbon Street
06.14.19 - Baltimore, MD*% - True Vine Record Shop
06.15.19 - Philadelphia, PA% - Vox Populi
06.16.19 - North Adams, MA% - Belltower Records
06.17.19 - Greenfield, MA% - The Root Cellar
06.18.19 - Boston, MA% - Dorchester Art Project
06.19.19 - Kingston, NY% - Tubby’s
06.20.19 - New Haven, CT% - Grey Matter Books
06.21.19 - Brooklyn, NY% - Justin Randel’s Crib
06.22.19 - Washington DC%^ - Rhizome
06.23.19 - Richmond, VA^ - TBA
06.24.19 - Richmond, VA^ - TBA
06.25.19 - Chapel Hill, NC^ - Nightlight
06.26.19 - Boone, NC^ - 641 Rpm
06.27.19 - Asheville, NC^ - TBA
06.28.19 - Athens, GA^ - Flicker

* Chris Lott
% Pure Enchantment
^ Jacob Sunderlin

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