Mike Krol to reissue his first two records, I Hate Jazz and Trust Fund, on double vinyl next month

Mike Krol to reissue his first two records, I Hate Jazz and Trust Fund, on double vinyl next month
Missed title-op: "I hate trust-fund jazz."

L.A. crooner and scuzz-rocker extraordinaire Mike Krol is not related to comedian Nick Kroll. Firstly because there’s only one “L” in his last name instead of two, and secondly because he is not related to that person. However, it can be presumed that Mike Krol enjoys humor and has laughed before. Some circumstantial evidence for this conjecture can be found in the titles of his first couple records, which will be re-released under the collective-title Mike Krol Is Never Dead: The First Two Records on Merge Records this July 14. And those two albums’ titles are: I Hate Jazz and Trust Fund. Pretty funny names right?

Hahaha BUT LET’S GET SERIOUS FOR A MOMENT: the long-unavailable I Hate Jazz was originally self-released in 2011. A mere 500 copies were pressed and were “given away to anyone who showed interest (and many who showed none whatsoever).” Trust Fund ensued in 2013; but its 500 copies all sold out on the accompanying tour.

Okay, now back to being lighthearted: this 2-LP collection will also include a selection of demos, outtakes, b-sides, as well as a “fold-out newsprint poster” to pin above your bed. How whimsical! The first 300 pre-orders will also receive a glossy black-and-white headshot signed by the dapper man himself, which you can tape on the ceiling above your bed next to the poster! As if all that wasn’t humorous enough, though, five lucky random ">pre-orders will also include a cartoon drawing of Mike Krol by illustrator and Mike Krol Friend Club member Ben Levin. And let’s face it: nothing’s funnier than a cartoon! NOTHING.

Mike Krol Is Never Dead: The First Two Records complete tracklisting:

01. Natural Disaster
02. Like a Star
03. Fifteen Minutes
04. Heart Attack
05. Seventeen (Age)
06. Grade School Love
07. Red Minivan
08. A Million Times
09. Plague
10. Cease and Desist
11. Modern Furniture
12. Locker
13. Teeth Grinder
14. Straaange
15. California
16. Fourth of July
17. Keith Moon
18. [untitled]
19. Drum Test (Bonus Track)
20. Kelly (Bonus Track)
21. Stacey (Bonus Track)
22. Snow Day (Bonus Track)
23. Natural Disaster (Demo) [Bonus Track]
24. Like a Star (Demo) [Bonus Track]
25. Fifteen Minutes (Demo) [Bonus Track]
26. Heart Attack (Demo) [Bonus Track]
27. Grade School Love (Demo) [Bonus Track]
28. A Million Times (Demo) [Bonus Track]
29.. Fifteen Minutes Instrumental Reprise (Bonus Track)
30. My Country Tis of Thee (Bonus Track)
31. The Tempo (Bonus Track)
32. Plague (Demo) [Bonus Track]
33. Modern Furniture (Demo) [Bonus Track]
34. Locker (Demo) [Bonus Track]
35. Teeth Grinder (Demo) [Bonus Track]
36. Straaange (Demo) [Bonus Track]
37. I Got You (Chelsea) [Bonus Track]
38. [Terre T reviewing I Hate Jazz on WFMU] (Bonus Track)

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