Mike Paradinas to release new EP as µ-Ziq

Mike Paradinas to release new EP as µ-Ziq

Since his 90s heyday, Planet Mu label head and IDM innovator Mike Paradinas has been on and off with his µ-Ziq moniker, most recently reviving the influential project for last year’s Chewed Corners LP (which served as the main inspiration for this here article). Now our electronic elder statesman has returned with a newer EP called Rediffusion, which his label’s press has touted as “a thing of joy and hazy childhood memories.” That’s it, fan the fires of IDM nostalgia! It was only a matter of time before Intelligent Dance Music revivalism kicked into high gear, right?

Like the glut of indie rock bands coming together once again for excessive reunion tours, we should also celebrate the delightful awkwardness and elitism that was 90s IDM culture! Of course, we’ll need Richard D. James, the boys of Autechre, Luke Vibert… hell, pretty much the whole Warp roster from 1991-1999. Then we’ll pit the IDM crew in a cage match against EDM’s recent superstars. Skrillex, Avicii, Deadmau5, and the entire Electric Daisy Carnival will get in the ring and show these geezers what a drop feels like in 2014. And when Paradinas is at his most weary, Steve Aoki will launch a cake at his body like a Benihana’s birthday party. Whatever the outcome, IDM will always have a place in my heart, and µ-Ziq will keep the fire burning with Rediffusion on August 11.

Rediffusion tracklist:

01. Taxi Sadness
02. Rimmy
03. Prg
04. Blem
05. Smeester
06. Tambor

• µ-Ziq: https://soundcloud.com/mikep
• Planet Mu: http://www.planet.mu

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