A wiser Mikkel Metal announces first album in eight years for Echocord

A wiser Mikkel Metal announces first album in eight years for Echocord

It’s been a whopping eight years since Mikel Meldgaard a.k.a. Mikkel Metal released his last full-length album Peaks & Troughs, but were you aware that it’s been even longer since the Copenhagen-based DJ and producer had a direct hand in the creation of his present label mainstay, Echocord? I promise minimal embellishment when I recall the recalled story of how Mikkel waltzed into the record store where Kenneth Christiansen was working at the time, and, almost instantaneously, Christiansen was inspired and/or deliberately hypnotized into starting a label and giving Mikkel the reigns to control its initial musical direction. Thirteen years of various takes on mostly dub-inspired electronic music have left us all wobbling; now Mikkel’s reviving his LP relationship with Echocord with the announcement of… hey! He looks just like that guy who did that thing that time!

Resemblance is out February 5, and just because this is Mikkel’s first album in a while doesn’t mean we should assume producer rustiness. In the meantime, he’s released a few EPs, his track on Kompakt’s just-released Pop Ambient compilation is more than sufficiently meditative, and who’s to say that life’s typical preoccupations don’t have relevance elsewhere? Punching in your pin number at the grocery store isn’t too dissimilar to running an APC40, when you think about it.

No tracks to share, but Resemblance is rumored to epitomize Mikkel’s early musical character.

Resemblance tracklisting:

01. Pluralism
02. YFO
03. From Here
04. Affirmation
05. Monday
06. You Will Never Know
07. Allowance Of Ignorance
08. Stronghold
09. Fading Lamps
10. Quietly Calling

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