Miles Davis “Rubberband” EP coming from Rhino on Record Store Day

Miles Davis "Rubberband" EP coming from Rhino on Record Store Day

Few artists can claim to changing music as many times as Miles Davis. He originated or propelled hard bop, cool jazz, modal jazz, and fusion, traversing musical boundaries with consistently new directions in each of the styles. An ornery firebrand and an opinionated wise-ass, Miles managed to sustain his superstar status for decades after jazz had fallen out of popular favor.

And now, Miles speaks from beyond the grave. The “lost” recording Rubberband, recorded in late 1985 and early 1986 — just before Tutu — will resurface as a four-track vinyl. The release includes a new version featuring Ledisi, a soulful vocalist who has been nominated for a dozen Grammys. Rubberband drops on Record Store Day, April 21 (just after Smoke-’Em-If-You-Got-’Em Day).

Though Rubberband was shelved back in the day, perhaps it’s best to allow the fans to decide. Over thirty years later, we can enjoy the fruits of this funky session as a consummate musician like Davis (presumably) always intended: as hipster consumer/collectors trolling for trophies on some weird Saturday called “Record Store Day!”

Rubberband tracklisting:

Side A:
01. Rubberband of Life featuring Ledisi (Radio Edit)
02. Rubberband of Life featuring Ledisi

Side B:
01. Rubberband of Life (Instrumental)
02. Rubberband (Original Version)

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