Million Brazilians takes us to a Strange Oasis on new album for Nonlocal Research; shares teaser video

Million Brazilians takes us to a <em>Strange Oasis</em> on new album for Nonlocal Research; shares teaser video
Photo: Million Brazilians Bandcamp

New England trio Million Brazilians is set to unleash its latest sonic excavation. Strange Oasis is inspired by Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett, who in 1925 “disappeared in the indescribable jungles of Brazil during an expedition to find the lost city of Z.”

Approaching the album to achieve “in sound what Fawcett dreamed to find,” the trio of Suzanne Stone (alto & bamboo saxophone, kalimba, bass, autoharp, swords, bells, voice), James Shaver (drums, percussion), and Grant Corum (synthesizer, percussion, voice, tarka, shehnai, conch, field recordings) laid down six tracks live in their studio in Montville, Maine. The resulting album acts as a sound diorama — “a ritual happening far away and within simultaneously,” as the band writes.

Below you can peep a video for “Strange Oasis V,” directed by Vica Pacheco, as well as the full tracklist. Strange Oasis is available TODAY (a.k.a. October 28) via Nonlocal Research. Head here for digital and limited edition CD ordering information.

"Strange Oasis"

Strange Oasis tracklisting:

01. Strange Oasis I
02. Strange Oasis II
03. Strange Oasis III
04. Strange Oasis IV
05. Strange Oasis V
06. Strange Oasis VI

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