Miranda Pharis preps new album, adds Stephen Mayer and Olivia Sullivan to Airport project

Miranda Pharis preps new album, adds Stephen Mayer and Olivia Sullivan to Airport project

Proof that collaborative artistic relationships always sour and fracture: Miranda Pharis’s Airport project has pulled a reverse-Simply Red. Recruiting members Stephen Mayer in the visual sector and Olivia Sullivan as an additional musician and vocalist, Airport is now a corporation and promise a poppier output: “as poppy as we can do.” From Miranda Pharis:

I started Airport alone but Olivia has been my partner the whole time and is on almost every release; bits of her voice, little melodies of her on piano, weird stuff like holding the mic on a Casio SK-1 up to me playing fiddle to record a sample. The song ‘The Shoe Girl’ is the first one completely written by both of us and on ‘The Miracle Of Trauma’ she is helping me write songs/melodies and pretty much all of the lyrics. We become one organism when we are playing together, just as I feel like I share thoughts on the visual sector with Stephen. He literally thinks of the same conceptual frameworks as I do while creating a work and just makes the images and video from our conjoined mind. It really is strange, we’re about to do our first video together.

For now, Miranda Pharis remains a solo act with an upcoming release, tentatively titled The Miracle of Trauma, which will follow the still-pretty-dang recent album release Lilliputian (relive that phenomenon below). But now, there’s also hope that you and even your most slovenly of apartment-mates might one day make beautiful music together.

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