Mission of Burma announce first West Coast dates since 2009, make sure y’all are doing okay over there

Mission of Burma announce first West Coast dates since 2009, make sure y'all are doing okay over there

Hey, the West Coast! You guys doing alright over there? California, still being cool and everything? Oregon, still doing it the way that only Oregon can? Washington, still keeping it fresh? Well, that’s cool, but you might want to make sure you’ve got those i’s dotted and those t’s crossed, ‘cause dad’s coming into town. Post-punk dad, that is, by which I refer to Mission of Burma. For the first time since 2009, Mission of Burma are playing shows on the most western of American coasts. Hide your weed and pornography and violent video games. Dad will be disappointed.

That said, the amount of shows is somewhat on the limited side. In August, the legendary post-punk outfit will be playing two shows in California and one in Portland. So you’re scot-free, Washington! Unfortunately, you being scot-free means you don’t get to see Mission of Burma, so this is a win-lose situation for you. In 2012, the band put out their fifth full-length (and fourth, post-reunion) Unsound, along with a career retrospective Learn How: The Essential Mission of Burma. Get your tickets here.

Mission of Burma dates:

08.28.14 - West Hollywood, CA - The Roxy
08.29.14 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent
08.30.14 - Portland, OR - The Doug Fir

• Mission of Burma: http://missionofburma.com

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