Mistake by the Lake founder Andrew Kirschner seeking medical donation

Mistake by the Lake founder Andrew Kirschner seeking medical donation

Hi, folks. If you follow Tiny Mix Tapes, you’ve likely come across the work of Andrew Kirschner. No, not the vegan (get out of here), but the one who founded Cleveland electronic label Mistake by the Lake and has released a plethora of excellent noise records under his own name, including a split tape with Oneohtrix Point Never. He’s a major, omnipresent figure of contemporary noise. He also might be vegan as well; I’m not sure.

Andrew needs some assistance. He unfortunately suffers from a chronic stomach disease and was recently hit with $7k in medical bills. Take a read:

After paying 3k and almost completely depleting both my bank account and businnes’ [sic] account, I need your help. It’s really hard for me to write this, as I’ve always tried to just handle everything alone, but this time I truly can’t. Any and all money will go straight to paying these bills off. I hope to offer some reward system like exclusive music, available titles on mistake by the lake or anything I can think of to thank anyone who donates. I know it’s cliche but really anything helps. I thank any and all who took the time to read this and love you guys, get busy livin’ and God bless.

So, if you love Andrew, Andrew’s music, Mistake by the Lake (and want to see it continuing to release), music, or are just generally empathetic, why not help out. Heck, $10 gets you a MBTL release of your choice, and $40 gets you every single one. Um, and $1000 gets you a record produced on the label. No altruistic pretense here, boys and girls. Check the GoFundMe page, donate, and watch Andrew and Mr. Aaron Dilloway casually alchemizing as Nevari Butchers (one of Andrew’s many, many excellent group projects) below:

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