Mitski continues to Be the Cowboy, wrangles spring tour of the southern-est places on earth

Mitski continues to Be the Cowboy, wrangles spring tour of the southern-est places on earth
Photo: Bao Ngo

I can’t even blame this on a spontaneous boycott of all non-TMT publications, since we’ve been covering her for a couple of years now, but I’ve been totally oblivious to the burgeoning popularity that’s undoubtedly come with each new Mitski full-length.

Her latest, unofficial homage to the rootinest, tootinest finally earned my attention due to it being verbally promoted by the squirrels in my neighborhood; and for an artist who somewhat famously prefers to keep her personal life private, the Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter has certainly made the rounds getting Be the Cowboy to at least the back of everybody’s minds. Here she is doing an interview on the Stewart-less Daily Show, for instance. And there are currently crazy and unfounded rumors of an imminent plan to infiltrate your television sets à la the infamous “Big Brother.” Only, instead of “Newspeak,” she’ll just be talking casually. (Say whaaaaat?)

Less creepily, Mitski just concluded a North American tour. So now it’s time to take it easy for a few years and watch the accolades roll in! …And by “take it easy,” I mean: quickly reign in the new year and then IMMEDIATELY start prepping for an international tour shortly thereafter. The countries receiving the focus this time around are essentially all in the vicinity of Oceania, but you’ve got some airline miles socked away, right?

Check out all the dates “down under” the clip:

01.28.19 - Auckland, New Zealand - Laneway Festival
02.02.19 - Brisbane, Australia - Laneway Festival
02.03.19 - Sydney, Australia - Laneway Festival
02.04.19 - Sydney, Australia - Oxford Art Factory
02.07.19 - Melbourne, Australia - The Corner Hotel
02.09.19 - Melbourne, Australia - Laneway Festival
02.12.19 - Tokyo, Japan - Shibuya WWW X
02.13.19 - Osaka, Japan - Umeda SHANGRI-LA
02.15.19 - Seoul, South Korea - Rolling Hall
02.16.19 - Taipei, Taiwan - The Wall
02.18.19 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - The Bee
02.20.19 - Jakarta, Indonesia - Rossi Musik
02.23.19 - Singapore - EBX Live Space

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