Moby announces new album, very small tour, accidently reveals he’s started a cult

Moby announces new album, very small tour, accidently reveals he's started a cult

The bald and bespectacled Moby is finally doing what we all expected years ago: starting a cult. He has surrounded himself with people wearing creepy animal masks in white robes, whose numbers may or may not include the likes of Wayne Coyne, Mark Lanegan, Damien Jurado, and Skylar Grey. And what are these fanatical devotees doing, besides human sacrifice and mud-covered forest orgies?

Apparently, they’ve put together an album. The album is called Innocents, which must have some irony behind it, because these blood-imbibing worshipers of 90s techno are anything but that. Apparently the unholy union was consummated in Moby’s bedroom studio (read: devil-worship shrine) and is currently slated to be unleashed upon the unsuspecting world in late September or early October. Although, don’t expect Moby to be spreading his musical machinations very far this time; the total number of shows supporting Innocents amounts to three. All of the shows are going to take place in Los Angeles, near the center of Moby’s cultist activity. At least those of us living outside of California can sleep a little easier at night.

Innocents tracklisting:

01. Everything that Rises
02. A Case for Shame (feat. Cold Specks)
03. Almost Home (feat. Damien Jurado)
04. Going Wrong
05. The Perfect Life (feat. Wayne Coyne)
06. The Last Day (feat. Skylar Grey)
07. Don’t Love Me (feat. Inyang Bassey)
08. A Long Time
09. Saints
10. Tell Me (feat. Cold Specks)
11. The Lonely Night (feat. Mark Lanegan)
12. The Dogs

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