Cellist Lucy Railton preps her music raw and unseasoned, announces debut solo LP on Modern Love

Cellist Lucy Railton preps her music raw and unseasoned, announces debut solo LP on Modern Love

Collaborations are like solutions (the “things dissolved in fluids” kind) — the combinations may go better with a delicious NY-style pizza, but their individual parts were undoubtedly more raw and pure prior to being fused for the sake of our taste or hearing buds.

Similarly: bands, collectives, and organizations can often dilute the artistic work of individuals; and up until now, experimental composer and cellist Lucy Railton has been content sharing her talents alongside the likes of Russell Haswell, Ensemble Plus Minus, and the London Sinfionetta. She graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in London in 2008, so the UK native’s solo efforts have seemingly been kept under wraps for quite a long time now. Happily, those wraps are now being (w)rapidly unfurled!…And underneath? (Ever seen one of those classic mummy movies? It’s nothing but gross, decaying flesh under there!)

Lucky for us, however, we’re talking purely musically about the unveiling of Paradise 94, Railton’s debut solo LP, which is out March 23 on Modern Love. Early descriptions of the release refer to it as a decidedly “raw” effort, and that rawness comes in the form of an electroacoustic imposition, where the cello seems to be one of the few occasionally identifiable instruments.

Head here to pre-order it, and go ahead and listen to the opening track, “Pinnevik,” below. You’ll be surprised at how capably it loiters in drone territory. Obviously, this may or may not be a sign of things to come, but for now, let’s just enjoy (and let Railton enjoy!) being the sole silhouette.

Paradise 94 tracklisting:

01. Pinnevik
02. To The End
03. The Critical Rush
04. Gaslighter
05. For J.R
06. Fortified Up

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