​Montreal​ ​rave​ ​collective​ Lagom ​launches​ ​Power​ ​Puerto​ ​Rico benefit​ ​compilation​ ​ft. Jesse Osborne-Lanthier, UMFANG, and more

​Montreal​ ​rave​ ​collective​ Lagom ​launches​ ​Power​ ​Puerto​ ​Rico benefit​ ​compilation​ ​ft. Jesse Osborne-Lanthier, UMFANG, and more
softcoresoft (Photo: Thomas L. Archambault)

While the figureheads of tech and government are busying themselves throwing paper towels and VR cartoons at the residents of Puerto Rico, where today 1.5 million people still remain without access to clean water in the wake of Hurricane Maria, Montreal’s Lagom collective serves up a big (43-track!) slice of excellent praxis with the Power Puerto Rico compilation.

The comp was organized by Montreal-based artists anabasine and softcoresoft, and features a crop of familiar names like Jesse Osborne-Lanthier, Bergsonist, Beta Librae, and UMFANG, as well as a slew of local Montreal producers and DJs. Most importantly, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to The Hurricane Maria Community Relief & Recovery Fund, “a grassroots organization working on recovery and rebuilding in the areas most affected by Maria.” A brief statement from Lagom regarding their initiative:

We believe we have a role in creating a better future world through music, and hope this compilation can be a small help in redistributing resources to those who need them most. Making music in a vacuum in 2017 makes no sense.

Listen below or grab the comp here, and feel free to donate more than $12 by naming your own price.

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