Moon Bros. (ft. members of Tortoise, The Cairo Band, Iron and Wine) to release These Stars, premiere track

Moon Bros. (ft. members of Tortoise, The Cairo Band, Iron and Wine) to release These Stars, premiere track

Matt Schneider might be the type of songwriter who’s so gosh darn talented that your average run-of-the-mill, genre-biased, but shuffle-friendly music fan just won’t get it. But that’s OK, because there’s nothing average about you, dear Tiny Mix Tapes reader. And you’re in fine company, as the growing list of those who do indeed get it now includes Dan Bitney of Tortoise, Matthew Lux of Iron and Wine, and Sam Wagster of The Cairo Band. This virtual who’s-who of Chicago-based fantasy jazz-folk cutting contests rounds out the roster for the current incarnation of Moon Bros., Schneider’s ongoing “look what this dude just pulled out the woodwork” creative platform.

Add to the list of those who dig: one Rob Sevier, co-founder of the Numero Group. Mr. Sevier was actually on hand for the recording of Moon Bros.’ latest project and had this to say about it: “Cooper Crain from Bitchin’ Bajas is behind the controls. It was all recorded on an epicly drunk New Years Eve and New Years Day, the drinkers included Ryley Walker, Brian Sulpizio (Health & Beauty), Haley Fohr (Circuit des Yeux). The non-drinking bystanders included myself and Ben Boye (Cairo Gang).” All get it, got it, good.

Last but definitely not least, the Austin-based independent label Western Vinyl is most definitely getting it and betting you will too, with the first vinyl LP release by the Moon Bros., a richly refined yet folklorically folksy document called These Stars, coming to you July 8 and available now for pre-order. Hitting lead-off, the album’s title cut premieres below. Get some.

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