Moon Glyph Records releases new Henry the Rabbit album Abraham’s Sausage Pot on cassette

Moon Glyph Records releases new Henry the Rabbit album Abraham’s Sausage Pot on cassette

What do you get when you take four years’ worth of previously unreleased analog recordings full of household percussive-ware, chimes, various stringed instruments, a casually-tuned glockenspiel, some egg shakers, and a psychedelic ukulele?

You get a new Henry the Rabbit record, that’s what you get.

Actually, you get a new Henry the Rabbit cassette tape, which — depending on your preferred transmission method of the sonic pressure waves specific to a psychedelic ukulele — may or may not be even better.

That’s right: Oakland’s Moon Glyph Records was very pleased this past week to announce the third album from the Danish folk-psychedelia experimenter, who is currently a member of Copenhagen’s self-proclaimed “psych pop” band Halasan Bazar.

The new album, entitled Abraham’s Sausage Pot (how wry!), is chock-full of “instrumental reveries about spring time, anchorites, visionary fruits, flowers, and bee colonies.”

We’re not particularly sure what the hell that means, exactly, but to get somewhat of an idea, we’ll post a video below of “Conjunction Day,” which is one of the psychotropic tracks off the new album.

Also, Moon Glyph only released 150 copies of the cassette tape (which features some incredible artwork from Henry himself), so if you wanna get your little mammalian paws on one (or two) of these, ‘ya better act quick and hippity-hop on over to their online store.

Abraham’s Sausage Pot tracklisting:

01. March Hare
02. Planet Caravan
03. Road to the Eastern Sea
04. Conjunction Day
05. Hermit
06. Rose Apple
07. La Colmena

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