Motion Graphics preps debut on Domino, breaks a sweat in new video for “Anyware”

Motion Graphics preps debut on Domino, breaks a sweat in new video for "Anyware"

Imagine this personal VR thing really catches on among consumers of every economic class; Joe Williams a.k.a. Motion Graphics will almost certainly be ahead of a game that’ll require, theoretically speaking, the audio part of a music release to be accompanied by a complementary visual trip. It’s maybe no surprise given his moniker, but his Screentones mix released a couple of years ago was his first under that name, and the memorable orchestra actually came with a side-scrolling waltz through grasslands littered with seemingly random objects. Can you imagine how fun it would be if music lovers had the option to actually (virtually) waltz through a field with spontaneously appearing produce sections? Consider this a shameless appeal to all our vegan readers. There’s nothing spoiling among the stuff that MG personally “grew” from scratch.

An additional note of health: the new video for the track “Anyware” super cooly depicts a translucent being jogging as though there were a crew of Kenyans competing for gold off screen. “Anyware” is the second single from Motion Graphics’s self-titled debut, out August 26 on Domino, and the album overall is reported to feature an accompanying “visualizer” created by Culturesport, who clearly have a thing for neon artistic endeavors.

You might’ve heard MG already through his Co La friendship. Check out our review of the latter’s No No release here.

Motion Graphics tracklisting:

01. Lense
02. Airdrop
03. Houzzfunction
04. Anyware
05. Minecraft Mosaic
06. Vistabrick
07. City Links
08. Forecast
09. Mezzotint Gliss
10. Softbank Arcade (Swiftcode Version)

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