Mount Eerie, Casiotone For The Painfully Alone Set To Play Toronto’s Over The Top Festival (For Real This Time, Honest)

Don't you just hate it when perfectly good music magazines make up ridiculous festival lineups, then post their ludicrous claims on the internet? I know! Me too! Well, just for the record, the lovely lads in the lovely Casiotone For The Painfully Alone and the 20-piece orchestra that is Mount Eerie are really set to play at a Toronto's Over The Top Festival, which is happening this year on May 3 - 6. (Scout's honor!)

The festival, which is in its sixth year of operation, will also see performances from such TMT favorites as Michael Gira and Neutral Milk Hotel... no wait, that was a joke; please rescind that last mention. Other performers scheduled to appear (for real this time) are: Daniel Johnston, Matt & Kim, Julie Doiron, Our Brother The Native, Genghis Tron, Yah Mos Def (perhaps my favorite band name on the bill), and Pit Er Pat.

The CBC Radio 3-sponsored event will also feature some live performance art (such as the fascinatingly titled Giant Killer Shark: The Musical) and independent films, such as Jandek - A Duality of Self, Before The Music Dies, and The Guatemalan Handshake. If you're in Toronto, you should consider going! Chances are reasonably good that the festival will be better than reading an April Fool's Joke on an online music magazine.

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