Mr. Mitch gets familial with his ongoing grime rendition, announces Devout on Planet Mu

Mr. Mitch gets familial with his ongoing grime rendition, announces Devout on Planet Mu

Prior monologues about the London-based producer Miles Mitchell, a.k.a. SHAPE-affiliated artist Mr. Mitch, have typically revolved around his evolutionary contributions to the grime genre, and it’s easy to see why: his debut for Planet Mu (to say nothing of the preceding EPs or the music still being propagated via his Gobstopper label) surprisingly didn’t exactly culminate in an intense audience desire to imminently vent their frustrations of riding the tube during peak hours.

Perhaps the rhythms on earlier tracks like “It Takes Hold Of You” and “Bullion” came close to making some sort of “comprehensive grime statement,” but otherwise, it’s more likely that most of us who listened were more struck with how slow and borderline tearful the album ultimately sounded. Mr. Mitch had previously remarked on his desire to “create something new” out of grime’s rough essence, but who out there would have guessed that he’d take “create something new” so literally or that a newborn baby would be so integral to the future of the genre?

See, apparently Mitchell’s children play a large thematic role on Devout, his new full-length coming April 21 on Planet Mu. Grime MC P Money, who assisted with the birthing of Mr. Mitch’s musical celebration of fatherhood, had some thoughtful words on the track “Priority,” the intro to which features the unique baby utterances of none-other-than Mitchell’s infant son Milo! Seriously. Check out this loving homage to family loyalty down below and quietly raise-the-roof for a dedicated release, all you dedicated dads out there. Here’s where you can pre-order.

Devout tracklisting:

01. Intro (ft. Milo and Oscar)
02. Priority (ft. P Money)
03. Lost Touch (ft. Duval Timothy)
04. Fate (ft. Denai Moore)
05. If I Wanted
06. VPN (ft. Palmistry)
07. My Life
08. Pleasure (ft. Py)
09. Honor Oak
10. Our Love
11. Black Tide
12. Oscar

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