Mr. Mitch announces new EP Don’t Leave for Planet Mu

Mr. Mitch announces new EP Don't Leave for Planet Mu

Grime upstart Mr. Mitch has recently joined Mike Paradinas’ Planet Mu label and shared details of a new EP, titled Don’t Leave. He must have very low self-esteem if he’s begging his listeners not to leave before they even hear a song. It’s alright Mr. Mitch, we don’t even judge you for having a first name as a last name. And we certainly won’t leave — well, some of us will, after skimming through each track on Spotify for 30 seconds before deciding that Mr. Mitch is not for them. But the diehards, the true fans, they won’t leave. They’re in it for the long haul, which isn’t even that long, because it’s a four-song EP.

Not to worry though, because Don’t Leave is only a taster for Parallel Memories, a full-length that Planet Mu will be releasing not long after the EP drops. For now, snippets of the four songs are available to preview here — the London-based producer runs through some bizarre and stark takes on grime, with a deftly understated touch. Don’t Leave will be released on November 4, with more info about the Mr. Mitch LP to arrive in the near future. Details about the Mr. Mitch picture book for children, however, have yet to be announced.

Don’t Leave tracklist:

01. Don’t Leave
02. Be Somebody
03. Padded
04. Oh

• Mr. Mitch:
• Planet Mu:

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