Wobbly (a.k.a. multimedia artist Jon Leidecker) to release new album Monitress this November via Hausu Mountain

Wobbly (a.k.a. multimedia artist Jon Leidecker) to release new album Monitress this November via Hausu Mountain
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WOOHOO!!!! I’m writing this on a SUNDAY MORNING! And like, that would historically mean I have the day off — but in THIS ahistorical gig economy, there ARE no days off! Especially not when you have something as exciting as THIS to announce:

Jon Leidecker — a.k.a. San Fransisco-based multimedia artist and composer, a.k.a. Wobbly — has a new album due out in November! Via Hausu Mountain, no less! It’s called Monitress, and get this: it’s the first Wobbly solo work since like 2002, and it sounds like nothing I’ve ever heard. I mean, how’s THIS for methodology:

To create the takes that populate the album, Leidecker developed a process that exploits an arsenal of software on devices like iPads and iPhones. Mobile applications generate MIDI information from the external audio that Wobbly feeds into them, and then he retranslates and synthesizes that data into mutated semblances of songs. Given a chunk of audio as source material, these devices join together to produce densely stacked unison melodies, or spiral out of control when presented with complex polyphonies.

Can you imagine? Well, you don’t have to, because we have not one but TWO tracks for your previewing-listening-premiere pleasure below (“One Trillionth” and “Medieval Refrigerator”). Check ‘em right now, before the album drops in full November 8!!!

Pre-order the joint here and remember to watch that Maroon 5 video linked above. Until next time!

Monitress tracklisting:

01. Instant Entity
02. Welcome Away
03. Respectables
04. Solved
05. One Trillionth
06. Forced Affinity
07. Best Necessary
08. Edits
09. Microaccident
10. Medieval Refrigerator 02:49
11. Multiplet
12. Information Free
13. Monitress
14. Operant

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