The Music Tapes commemorates “The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air)” podcast with a new EP

The Music Tapes commemorates "The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air)" podcast with a new EP

Today, Julian Koster (Neutral Milk Hotel) released a digital EP as The Music Tapes, titled The Orbiting Human Circus. The EP commemorates the first season of the eponymous podcast, which you can listen to and download through iTunes, via Koster, or down below. The four-track release features songs from or inspired by the podcast, sung from the perspective of Koster’s character, Janitor. LOVE IT!

As we recently reported, the podcast stars Koster, Mandy Patinkin, Tim Robbins, John Cameron Mitchell, Charlie Day, and more. Brian Dewan and Neutral Milk Hotel bandmate Jeff Mangum also offered “creative contributions.” According to Koster:

The idea of creating long form musical narratives in the podcast medium feels like the most exciting thing in the world right now. Listeners can become so invested in the characters and the world and be engaged with the music in such a personal way, they can truly and vividly picture the images that sound collages suggest. The whole thing unfolds over the course of months and becomes a little part of people’s lives. I’m so grateful that we’re a part of such an amazing creative frontier.

Listen to the EP here, donate to see Season Two happen, and look for tour dates coming straight for your face.

The Orbiting Human Circus EP tracklist:

01. City of Lights
02. J’Attendrai
03. Where Evening’s Dream Goes
04. I’ve Got My Love

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