Muslimgauze 10 LP box set announced from Vinyl-on-Demand, proving once and for all that 10 really is better than one

Muslimgauze 10 LP box set announced from Vinyl-on-Demand, proving once and for all that 10 really is better than one

Those looking to dip their dainty toes into the ocean of Bryn Jones’ Muslimgauze project might need to look elsewhere. But, if you’re maybe interested in your whole leg and probably most of your mid-section going for a bit of a swim, then according to The Vinyl Factory, Vinyl-on-Demand has got just the ticket. In mid-April, the German label will release a 10LP retrospective box set of the legendary producer’s early work (spanning from 1983 to 1988). That’s right! Ten! Because of how math works, that means if you break one, you’ll still have nine records left! Now, mind you, those nine records that you have left won’t have any of the same music on them as that 10th one your clumsy uncle just snapped, so I would say keep them away from your uncle and don’t actually try the math trick I’ve described here.

The box set, entitled Chasing the Shadow of Bryn Jones will also include a 208-page book, a poster, and a CD. And, if you’re a member of the Vinyl-on-Demand record club, you’ll also be entitled to an exclusive 10-inch (math fact: that’s one inch for every LP in the box set) which will include EVEN MORE MUSIC. If you’ve gotten this deep in the news post and are thinking “Huh, I kinda don’t know a whole lot about Muslimgauze aside from the fact that he was super prolific and Pro-Palestinian because that’s basically all anyone ever really says about him,” The Vinyl Factory has you covered. Check out the comically long tracklisting below.

Chasing the Shadow of Bryn Jones tracklisting:

LP 1:
01. Milena Jesenska
02. Cyst
03. Anatomy
04. Enfilade
05. Afrikaner
06. Afrikaner
07. Taoist
08. Melena Jesenska

LP 2:
01. Kaaba
02. Icon Screen
03. Muslin Gauze Muslim Prayer
04. Turkish-Koln
05. Melee
06. Dissidents
07. Kabul
08. Ex
09. Metropolis
10. Trans/Time

LP 3:
01. Under the Hand of Jaruzelski
02. Ensan Entehari
03. Empty Quarter (pt I)
04. Dissidents in Exile (as Muslingauze)
05. Hammer & Sickle
06. Fear of Gadaffi
07. Nettle Cloth
08. Baize Tents
09. The Asphalt Jungle
10. Execute the Monkey

LP 4:
01. Soviet Occupied Territories
02. Turkish Falaka
03. Priest
04. Reuters
05. Dissidents in Exile
06. Under the Hand of Jaruzelski

LP 5:
01. Byzantine Crucifixion
02. Zebra Slaughter
03. Palestine
04. Death of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale
05. Political Asylum
06. Sudanese Amputate the Hands of Thieves
07. Sakharov

LP 6:
01. Sjamboks
02. Mujahideen
03. Hezbollah
04. Flajelata
05. Homily to Popieluszko
06. Cahcot
07. Samizdat
08. Émigré
09. Iranian Martyrs

LP 7:
01. Charnel
02. Under Black Light
03. Somnambulists
04. New Delhi Flogging
05. X Ajza of Martyrdome
06. Unwelcome Visitors

LP 8:
01. Arms of the Koran
02. The Divine Cause
03. Sabra
04. Bourj-El-Barajneh
05. Mäiaz
06. Chatila
07. Green Is the Colour of the Prophet

LP 9:
01. Gulfwar (Part One)
02. Gulfwar (Part Two)
03. Gulfwar (Part Three)
04. Abu Nidal
05. Green Is the Colour of the Prophet
06. Fatwa (Religious Decree Giving Recourse to Terrorism)
07. Gulf-War (Remix)

LP 10:
01. Shadow of the West
02. The Muslim City
03. A Nation
04. Ways of Faith Part 1
05. Ways of Faith Part 2
06. The Power of The Word Part 1
07. The Power of The Word Part 2

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