Mutant Beat Dance announce debut album, featuring the LCD Soundsystem band

Mutant Beat Dance announce debut album, featuring the LCD Soundsystem band
Left to right: Mutant, Beat, Dance

Chicago, already being the epicentre of so many of music’s halcyon moments, is now prepping it’s metaphorical jazz hands in anticipation of the release of the debut album from native Chicagoans Mutant Beat Dance (a.k.a. Melvin Oliphant, Beau Wanzer and Steve Summers) who will release their debut, self-titled album on June 29 via Rush Hour. Originally a duo made up of Traxx and Wanzer, the addition of Summers made it “logical and necessary to expand.” …Not to mention confound our Google searches.

Now, you might think that June 29 is still a long way away, but an album like Mutant Beat Dance kind of needs some psychological preparation. For starters, the thing clocks in with 25 tracks stretching over 200 minutes, and it sees the band waiver around the golden zone at the intersection of post-punk, industrial, minimal wave, and early house music (basically all the great things Chicago has offered us in the past 30 years all served up in one album).

In addition to all this, the album features cameos from members of a little band you might have heard of called LCD Soundsystem; and the whole package is so epic that it’s going to be released as a vinyl package containing 12”, 10” and 7” discs.

Pre-order that mutant vinyl monster — or its slightly humbler CD cousin — from the Rush Hour store now, and then get yourself in the mood by listening to the DJ set from Mutant Beat Dance main man Traxx laying down a 2+ hour DJ set as the opening act for LCD Soundsystem last year.

Mutant Beat Dance tracklist:

01. Creep In The Crowd
02. Hate Has No Home
03. Curtail Corporation
04. Transmitter/Transistor
05. From Another Source
06. Funk Groove(skit)
07. Revival 80s
08. On A Different Note
09. Midi
10. Crete ft. Marianna
11. Toy Story
12. Last Illusion
13. Synthesized Antics Of Evolution
14. Checklist
15. Piano Monologue(skit)
16. Feed the Enemy ft Tyler Pope and Patrick Mahoney
17. Scandalous Vanity
18. Geometrical Disease ft. Black Meteoric Star
19. Uncanny Ignorance
20. The Fear of Future and Euphoria
21. The Human Factor ft. Naughty Wood
22. Affliction
23. No Ambition
24. Lost Stars
25. Hero

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