Mutant Sounds blog returns to life with monthly radio show on Dublab

Mutant Sounds blog returns to life with monthly radio show on Dublab

Blogs are sooooooo 2003. It’s all about online radio, baby. It’s hip, it’s convenient, your mom doesn’t know what it is. And best of all, like Jesus, online radio has the power to bring things you thought were dead back to life. The Mutant Sounds blog, for example.

Matt Castille and Eric Lumbleau, the writers and curators of the late blog (who are also part of experimental group Vas Deferens Organization with Christopher Moock), have joined forces once more to bring Mutant Sounds Radio to Dublab the second Friday of every month from 8-10 PM. Their debut outing occurred last Friday (which you can listen to here), with the next episode happening October 9. They intend to bring the following:

A Pirate Utopia In A Panopticon
A Magic Carpet Ride On A Pulled Rug
An Auditory Suppository For Dilating Your Third Eye
An Electronic Cattle Prod For Domesticated Primates
An Escape Hatch For Heads And A Head Scratch For Squares

Check out Mutant Sounds’s announcement on its own ex-blog and also peep some new VDO videos there, too, including the one below, “Morte Code,” which will appear on their upcoming Beta-lactam Ring album, Gag Reflex.

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