MUTEK Montréal details “second wave” of lineup, featuring Lee Gamble, Lorenzo Senni, and curation from SHAPE and RBMA

MUTEK Montréal details "second wave" of lineup, featuring Lee Gamble, Lorenzo Senni, and curation from SHAPE and RBMA

Maybe it’s a consequence of being the premier North American festival for fans of electronic avant-garde, or maybe the plethora of organizational affiliations is confirmation of MUTEK’s own gravitational pull, which is sure to bode poorly for the artistic scenes in large cities proximate to Montréal! The festival recently announced a “second wave” of artists set to perform at MUTEK Montréal this June, and in so doing, all of us were bombarded with various people of art who have jumped at the invite to contribute to MUTEK’s ongoing reputation. Outside of the musicians themselves, Red Bull Music Academy maintains their collaborative relationship, MUTEK Mexico is getting involved, and the platform known as SHAPE (Sound, Heterogeneous Art and Performance in Europe) is contributing its renowned curatorial skills, previously evident via Unsound and more. Let’s stop there for brevity’s sake.

The musicians comprising MUTEK Montréal’s “second wave” include Paris-based member of the Warp roster Jackson (and his Computerband), Sarah Davachi, Nonotak doing a four-screen audio-visual show, Lee Gamble & Dave Gaskarth presenting their “Foldings” performance, Scant Intone and C130 offering an essential trip through wormholes with “Eye of the Storm,” Lorenzo Senni, Aïsha Devi, Lawrence Le Doux, and Polish outfit T’ien Lai, who appreciate percussion probably more than the average jackhammer technician.

Continue to surf the “wave” via this link, and note that this year’s edition of MUTEK Montréal will take place June 1-5 in the city very obviously specified. Concentrate hard enough and you might just be pulled there yourself.

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