My Brightest Diamond signs to The Brightest Label and announces Her Brightest Album

My Brightest Diamond signs to The Brightest Label and announces Her Brightest Album

Canadian label Paper Bag Records has some extra-dazzling news for y’all, so slap on your Oakleys and pay attention. What was once just your regular old luminous indie rock label has now elevated itself to extra-sparkling status. How is such a thing possible? Diamonds!!! That’s right — PBR has signed Shara Worden’s My Brightest Diamond project, adding her to their already shiny roster of Frog Eyes and Moonface.

Worden will release her new album on September 16. It’s called This Is My Hand, and if you get out of bed early enough, you might be able to snag one of the 300 frosted vinyl editions (wtf?). This is MBD’s fourth full-length, a follow up to 2011’s All Things Will Unwind, which featured music written for a chamber ensemble.

MBD still rolls deep with the Asthmatic Kitty crowd in the US, so worry not my fellow patriots. They are even tossing out their own limited-edition translucent red vinyl. So get moving.

Hear “Lover/Killer”, the album’s first single:

This Is My Hand tracklist:

01. Pressure
02. Before the Words
03. This Is My Hand
04. Lover/Killer
05. I Am Not the Bad Guy
06. Looking at the Sun
07. Shape
08. So Easy
09. Resonance
10. Apparition

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