My Morning Jacket’s Jim James and Cousin Johnny Quaid Launch Record Label, But We’re Not Sure How Coherent It Is

My Morning Jacket's Jim James and Cousin Johnny Quaid Launch Record Label, But We're Not Sure How Coherent It Is

It’s always nice when well-known musicians begin funneling their income towards helping their lesser-known comrades. Alt-country singer and frontman of My Morning Jacket Jim James (a.k.a. Yim Yames) has decided to do just this — start a record label of his own with cousin Johnny Quaid. The label, which is called “Removador Recordings and Solutions,” will be an online music arena for James’ favorite underground artists. So far, James has added the following bands to his label: Cortney Tidwell, The Ravenna Colt, Follow the Train, and Mont de Sundua, as well as James’ own recordings and those of My Morning Jacket.

In addition to supplying fans with artist bios and free downloads, the label’s website also has a “Solutions” page, where James and Quaid quite literally offer solutions to the problems of “time,” “people,” “teeth,” and “sleep.” The solutions to these “problems” are found in cartoonish videos that (if we’re being frank) seem completely and profoundly random when paired with the rest of the website’s material. What do these “problem-solution” videos have to do with distributing music? No idea. Or is this section just the equivalent of IKEA’s ball room kiddie play place? Again, no idea. Oh well. Just judge for yourself.

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