N. Brennan + Orokin (a.k.a. DJWWWW) to release Goliath on Dream-Disk Lab

N. Brennan + Orokin (a.k.a. DJWWWW) to release Goliath on Dream-Disk Lab

On August 20, low-key Canadian label Dream-Disk Lab is releasing the latest album from N. Brennan + Orokin, the side projects of major sound juggernaut DJWWWW/Kenji Yamamoto/et al. Goliath, the eleventh release from the year-old label, is another day in the perpetual Sims campaign saved daily under the file “house that Lil $ega built.” The ever-expanding, three-dozen-roomed complex is forever changing form, as residents walk through, weaving between consumer customs and Marxist principles; the sun-bleached screen of the 1998 Gateway computer is massive. Two of the roommates, N. Brennan (a.k.a. Nicole Brennan) and Orokin, have drawn up another cluster of ungoverned sounds for an apocalyptic world overdosed in pop culture and machinery, like a time capsule unsure of its release date but certain of its demise.

TMT has the pleasure of premiering “ACOG” from the album, which you can hear below. Grab Goliath in full, on cassette or digitally, August 20. Pre-orders are available now.

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