Nautical Almanac tour this summer, take things to the next level with sailor hats

Nautical Almanac tour this summer, take things to the next level with sailor hats

Baltimore’s Tarantula Hill has beehives on the roof and a cozy recording studio/performance space with drawings and paintings hanging on the walls, shelves filled with knick-knacks, and a stuffed alligator hanging out near the rafters. Outside, a mosaic made of broken glass bottles, crayons, mirrors, stones, a pair of sunglasses, and a watch covers some of the gray bricks. Others bricks are painted pink, blue, yellow, and maroon.

Carly Ptak and Twig Harper of Nautical Almanac hang out at Tarantula Hill. In fact, they renovated the building themselves in 2001 and again in 2006 after a fire in order to host concerts, art shows, lectures, workshops, and movies. But it looks like Nautical Almanac are itchin’ to hit the road again, expecting to play some beautiful noise all across the US with the likes of Bill Orcutt, Outer Space, Future Blondes, and Ichi Ni San Shi. Check out the dates below.

No word yet on a new album (boo!), but be sure to check out Ptak’s recent solo album, Wonder Now, and then re-listen to their scorching discography. For starters: Nautical Almanac (Hanson), Rooting For The Microbes (Load), and Cover The Earth (HereSee). Or you can listen to some crackling, buzzing, rumbling, screeching, shattering, popping, and clicking right here:


06.04.12 - Richmond VA - Strange Matter !

06.05.12 - Carrborro, NC - LadyBird Basement 

06.06.12 - Asheville, NC - Izzy’s Coffee

06.07.12 - Atlanta, GA - The Never Forget House @

06.08.12 - New Orleans, LA - Saturn Bar

06.09.12 - Houston, TX - SuperHappyFunLand #

06.10.12 - Austin, TX - Frontier Bar $

06.11.12 - Denton, TX - Rubber Gloves %

06.12.12 - Albequerque, NM - Small Engine Gallery `

06.13.12 - Phoenix, AZ - Inner City Youth Center ^ 

06.15.12 - Los Angeles, CA - Club Ding A Ling &
06.16.12 - West Hollywood, CA - Dem Passwords

06.22.12 - San Francisco, CA - 1667 Bay Area 51 *

06.23.12 - San Francisco, CA - The Lab

06.24.12 - Oakland, CA - Terminal

06.28.12 - Salt Lake City - TBA

06.29.12 - Denver, CO - Rhinoceropolis (

06.30.12 - Kansas City - TBA

07.02.12 - Columbia, MO - HairHole

07.03.12 - St. Louis, MO - Floating Laboratories

07.04.12 - Chicago, IL - Enemy

07.06.12 - Ann Arbor, MI - TBA 

07.07.12 - Detroit, MI @ M.u.g. =

07.08.12 - Cleveland, OH - Black Cat Factory +

! Contortionist, Jazz Exotica, Champagne of Rats, Mutwawa, Floodbeast
@ Pony Bones, Polish Nails
# Future Blondes, Priest in Shit, RU 486, Glasgow Smile, How I Quit Crack
$ Venison Whirled, W.T.C., Ichi Ni San Shi
% Filth
` Father of the Flood, Marisa Demarco, Enemy Tones
^ Marshstepper, Sungsang, Abusive Consumer, Dismal Light
& Garbaj Kaetz, Judy Experience, DJS Don Bolles, Prickle, John Dust
* Bill Orcutt, Pod Blotz, Jealousy
( Nervous Future, Spellcaster
= Satan’s 1%ers, M.U.G. variations, D.J. Reggie Hamlin
+ Outer Space, Luigi Bbob Drake, Ghoulies

• Nautical Almanac:
• HereSee:

[Photo: Seth Tisue]

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