Naytronix (tUnE-yArDs bassist Nate Brenner) announces new album, shares new track, still plays bass in tUnE-yArDs

Naytronix (tUnE-yArDs bassist Nate Brenner) announces new album, shares new track, still plays bass in tUnE-yArDs

Even though bass guitar is clearly the coolest instrument ever invented, people still usually have no idea what the NAMES of those people up on stage playing them are. Take Nate Brenner, who’s been the funky low-end of tUnE-yArDs for quite some time now. I had no idea his name was Nate! I also had no idea that he, you know, did any STUFF besides play bass in tUnE-yArDs!

But apparently, ol’ whatshisname has done all kinds of other stuff! Most notably, he’s ALREADY put out an album as Naytronix in between grueling and presumably-thankless tUnE-yArDs tours (kidding), and now he’s already onto his second one. It’s called Mister Divine and is coming out October 16 via the City Slang label. That’s a long time for me to have to remember that his name is Nate… but whatever!

But in case all you REALLY care about is tUnE-yArDs and not Nate B, rest assured that, according to the press release, the new album was “conceived in tour busses, hotel suites, and basement studios initially as fodder for DJ sets” and captures “the feeling of déjà vu between delirious post-show fevers and the road-torn sleep through the night on the way to the next city, driving the circumference of the Earth in nine weeks, dreams of Pangaea, of forever ago and infinity from now.” So, shut up and stop worrying. It’s tUnE-yArDs-y.

Recorded at Oakland’s New, Improved Recording studio, Brenner’s collaborators included guitarist Mark Allen-Piccolo and percussionist Robert Lopez, as well as Matt Nelson and Noah Bernstein (tUnE-yArDs saxophones) and synth master *Michael Coleman* (of Beep!). You can listen to one of the tracks down below and judge for yourself the extent to which the music does/doesn’t sound enough/not enough like tUnE-yArDs. Just try not to forget the name of the dude or his band between now and the time the song’s over… let alone between now and October.

Mister Divine tracklisting:

01. Mister Divine
02. Starting Over
03. Dream
04. Back in Time
05. The Wall
06. I Don’t Remember
07. Future
08. Living in a Magazine
09. Shadow

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