Nazar continues his war story, announces debut full-length Guerilla on Hyperdub

Nazar continues his war story, announces debut full-length Guerilla on Hyperdub

On the one hand, music has the capacity to uplift and therefore distract from negative circumstances.

But on the other, it’s hardly a good thing to go through life with blinders that have the effect of negating certain experiences.

Hence, Nazar’s take on the Angola-borne Kuduro style of music offers a distinct tonal contrast from popular Kuduro — and even much of the music inhabiting the Príncipe discography. The 26-year-old Nazar grew up in Belgium, but both of his parents were directly involved with the rebels during the Angolan civil war, and Nazar himself returned to the war-torn and impoverished country after the civil war ended. The experience that affected his family and his family’s country outright resulted in a producer MO that plays up rather than ignores the tragedies that sit at the core of recent Angolan history.

His recent Enclave EP, which came out on Hyperdub in 2018, had war-inspired track titles and rhythms clearly on the more ominous side, for instance.

Guerilla is Nazar’s debut full-length, out March 20 on Hyperdub, and the title alone suggests a continuation of his socially conscious approach. Pre-order the album here, and have a listen to “UN Sanctions” below:

Guerilla tracklisting:

01. Retaliation
02. Diverted
03. Bunker
04. UN Sanctions
05. Fim-92
06. Immortal
07. Mother
08. Arms Deal
09. Why
10. Intercept
11. End Of Guerrilla

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