The Necks announce new album Unfold on Ideologic Organ

The Necks announce new album Unfold on Ideologic Organ

You guys know how those erudite “Jazz People” are always all like: “the rest in between the notes is more important than the notes themselves, man…”? Yeah. Me too. EYE ROLL. Which is why Australian ambient-jazz experimentalists The Necks are clearly way more excited to tell you about their new album, coming February 10, 2017, then they were to NOT TELL YOU about all the albums that they DIDN’T release in the interim between last year’s excellent Vertigo and this one. I mean, this isn’t rocket surgery, people.

The new one, titled Unfold, is available for pre-order now via Editions Mego/Ideologic Organ as both a double-vinyl + digital (comprised of four, sprawling, side-length tracks) and a digital-only release. It was produced by the trio, recorded and mixed by Tim Whitten at Studios 301 in Alexandria, Australia, mastered by Rashad Becker, and is “dedicated to the memory of Sandro Wiedmer.”

Check out a chilly, skittering excerpt of the tick-tocking album track “Timepiece” down below, and banish that horrible, year-ish long feeling of NOT shoveling new sounds into your earholes courtesy of The Necks at every possible second.

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