Neon Marshmallow Festival 2011 initial lineup announced; whatever you do, don’t eat the marshmallows

Neon Marshmallow Festival 2011 initial lineup announced; whatever you do, don't eat the marshmallows

Last summer’s debut Neon Marshmallow Festival turned out to be quite the shebang and was one of the best sleeper festivals that the city of Chicago had to offer. Some of the best psych and weirdo acts putting out sound these days from all corners of the globe, all convening in one locale for four days of near-nauseous intensity. It definitely blew some minds. You’d know this even without experiencing it first-hand; just look at that lineup from last year and you’ll know what I’m talkin’ about.

Matt Kimmel (Acid Marshmallow) and Daniel Smith (Neon Blossom Tapes and Red Electric Rainbow) have once again joined forces/monikers to bring you the 2011 Neon Marshmallow Fest which will be taking place at Chicago’s Empty Bottle this time around, from June 10-12. Just a glance at the initial lineup of this thing is makin’ me tingle a little bit. Already they have such big-league acts as Oneohtrix Point Never, Pelt, Bill Orcutt, White Rainbow, Rene Hell, Dylan Ettinger, Pulse Emitter, and even the venerable Morton Subotnick, just to name a handful. If this year is anything like last year, expect many, many more artists to be announced (I’m talking at least 50 or so). You can go ahead and purchase a weekend pass for a mere $60. Go ahead and snag one soon, ‘cause these babies are limited.

Neon Marshmallow Festival initial lineup:

Morton Subotnick
Oneohtrix Point Never
Bill Orcutt
White Rainbow
Rene Hell
The Rita
Pulse Emitter
Outer Space
Spiral Joy Band
Telecult Powers
James Plotkin
Sword Heaven
Leslie Keffer
Sick Llama
Dylan Ettinger
Mike Shiflet
Beau Wanzer

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