New from 33 1/3 Japan: Perfume’s GAME by Patrick St. Michel

New from 33 1/3 Japan: Perfume's GAME by Patrick St. Michel

Hey, what do you know? Perfume’s GAME, the album that returned technopop to the top of the charts in Japan, turns 10 this year; and in a feat of synergistic serendipity and/or complete coincidence, 33 1/3 Japan has just published a book about the album! (Funny how life works sometimes, isn’t it???)

GAME (the book) was penned by Patrick St. Michel, a Tokyo-based writer who runs the Japan-centric music blog Make Believe Melodies (which totally did not hijack its stylish and highly distinctive two-alliterative-words-sandwiching-one-nonalliterative-word name structure from Tiny Mix Tapes, no way! Again: Com-Plete Coincidence!) and currently contributes to such publications as The Atlantic, Pitchfork, and Japan Times.

For those of you not in the pop techno-know, GAME was the group’s first album and the beginning of their long history of collaboration with producer and composer Yasutaka Nakata, which has spanned all five of their albums.

Those of you who are in the pop techno-know (which, thanks to having reached the bottom of this article, is now YOU too!) can order the book RIGHT NOW RIGHT HERE — or any old time and place that’s convenient for you, really. Life is just so cool like that!

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