Faith Yes More! New Faith No More full-length planned for April 2015, single in November

Faith Yes More! New Faith No More full-length planned for April 2015, single in November

You might have thought that, after 18 years since their last album, Faith No More was officially No More but, as it happens, they are indeed More. Of course we’ve been privy to Just a Little Bit More ever since 2009 when the band started playing live again, but for many that was Not Enough More, especially given that they’ve played only a handful of times in the interim. Well now they’ve announced plans for a new full-length. That’s right, friends, there’s officially more Faith No More music coming out and it’s coming out soon. Or soon-ish at least, depending upon how much the internet has stunted your capacity to wait for things, since it’s not out until April of 2015. There’s no title yet, or really any more details about the full-length, but in an interview with Rolling Stone, bassist Bill Gould says that the band is “pretty far into it.”

In addition to the full-length, the band is preparing a limited 7-inch of the song “Motherfucker,” which will be available during Record Store Day’s Black Friday event on November 28, followed by a digital release on December 9. Both releases will be out on the band’s newly formed label Reclamation Records, so named because they plan to reclaim the alt-metal throne, which has for several years remained empty. The band will also play Australia’s Soundwave festival in February of next year, and dates for a world tour will be announced soon. “How should I feel about this bit of Faith No More-related news, Taylor?” Well, reader, to tangentially and for no discernible reason at all reference the 2007 hit song by the unfortunately named buzz band Black Kids, I’m Not Gonna Teach You How To Feel About this Faith No More Album (I Have Other Things to Do and It’s Not My Job).

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