Congotronics box set to include new Konono N°1 album on vinyl

Congotronics box set to include new Konono N°1 album on vinyl

In 2004, Konono N°1 released the rather excellent Congotronics on Crammed Discs. Since then, the label followed up Konono’s success by turning the Congotronics idea into a series, going on to release three additional Congotronics albums from bands that hailed from the Democratic Republic of Congo. And now, in addition to the news that Konono N°1 have a new album, entitled Assume Crash Position, on its way this year (TMT News), word has come out that a double LP version is being released in a massive, limited-edition box set that includes all the other releases in the Congotronics series and lots of bonuses.

Pre-orders for the release began on April 16 and are first-come, first-serve. So if you’re down to shell out £80 (roughly $123 US) for this collection, you can order it from Crammed Discs now. Digital copies will be processed by May 3 and the pre-ordered box sets should hit doorsteps on or around June 30.

The full release will look a little like this:

- Konono No. 1: Congotronics
- Various Artists: Congotronics 2: Buzz’n’Rumble From the Urb’n’Jungle
- Kasai Allstars: In The 7th Moon, The Chief Turned Into A Swimming Fish And Ate The Head Of His Enemy By Magic
- Staff Benda Bilili: Très Très Fort
- Konono No.1: Assume Crash Position
- A Congotronics book featuring Congolese photos
- A reusable 2GB USB flash drive including MP3s of all 5 albums, plus 9 videos
- A two-song Kasai Allstars 7”, including a collaboration with Akron/Family

• Konono N°1:
• Crammed Discs:

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