New! Neu! Now! Official release date set for Neu! vinyl box set

New! Neu! Now! Official release date set for Neu! vinyl box set

It’s an old story. In 1971, Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger broke from Kraftwerk and formed Neu!. In 2009, Kraftwerk released the long-awaited Catalogue box set (TMT report). And now on May 10, in keeping with the tradition of showing up Ralf Hütter, Neu! will release a vinyl box set of their own from Grönland Records.

So what’s in the box, Brad Pitt asks? No head involved (Paltrow’s or anyone else’s), just Neu!’s three studio albums (Neu! [1972], Neu! 2 [1973], Neu! ‘75), plus Neu! ‘86 and Neu ‘72. Previously unreleased, Neu! ‘86 includes recordings from 1985 and 1986 that were originally circulated as Neu! 4 by the late Klaus Dinger. This new version has been reworked by Michael Rother and freshened up by the addition of some of the duo’s newer studio recordings. Neu! ‘72 — also without official prior release — is an 18-minute live maxi-single (the ‘72 Live! in Düsseldorf album was another illegally released album courtesy of Dinger — via the Japanese label Captain Trip — in the mid-90s, further pissing Rother off).

In addition to the requisite vinyl, the box contains a sizable book (36 pages) with band photos by Anton Corbijn and Peter Lindbergh, a Neu! T-shirt, a Neu! logo stencil, and a download code for the whole set.

Huzzah for krautrock!

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