NGUZUNGUZU announce Skycell EP, travel around Europe in their ISUZUISUZU

NGUZUNGUZU announce Skycell EP, travel around Europe in their ISUZUISUZU

Everyone’s favorite all caps’d duo, with the name that either makes you think of an aggressive pluralization of weaponry or a Yoda interpretation of a zoo taken over by a miscellaneous sticky substance, NGUZUNGUZU, have been plenty busy not releasing a full-length album, but, importantly, not not doing anything at all. Of particular note due to its temporal proximity and the quality of the release itself, they produced two of the tracks (“Enemy” and “Something Else”) on Kelela’s debut mixtape, capably succeeding in their task of creating relatively sparse, bass-heavy rhythms to complement the vocals. Likewise, NA (Daniel Pineda of NGUZUNGUZU) also recently made his solo debut with the EP Xtreme Tremble, released a short while ago. I feel like that title could use some more X’s.

You’re noticing it too: a secret hatred of long plays that continues into the present, as evidenced by the announcement of Skycell, a new EP on Fade to Mind (out November 5 digitally and November 19 on vinyl), their sixth EP overall, and possibly a hybrid of their mutual love for Skyfall and Splinter Cell. Go on, resist the temptation after you read the EP being described as a “game…”. Continuing: “a game you don’t know your [sic] playing, a hostile environment where your mind takes a vacation, but your body is in a cage.” So, you know, sure. Expectations are of something not dissimilar to their previous work, and as has been belabored, not something much longer either. It’s all good. No, really, forgiveness:

Skycell tracklisting:

01. Foam Feathers
02. Harp Bell
03. Vision of Completion
04. Break In
05. Tumultuous
06. Mecha
07. Skycell


10.18.13 - Mexico City, Mexico - NAAFI party
10.22.13 - Los Angeles, CA - Viper Room
10.25.13 - Zurich, Switzerland - Longstreet Bar
10.26.13 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Stengade 30
10.30.13 - Berlin, Germany - Panorama Bar
10.31.13 - Paris, France - La Machine du Moulin Rouge
11.01.13 - Stockholm, Sweden - RBMA Ljunggrens
11.02.13 - Moscow, Russia - Solyanka
11.08.13 - Los Angeles, CA - Fade to Mind

• Fade to Mind:

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