Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds announce new live album; I announce “hell to the YEAH.”

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds announce new live album; I announce "hell to the YEAH."

I get it. When you have a catalog as giant as Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds currently do after their 1,001 years in business together, you’re sort of obligated to throw one or two live albums in the mix, I think. Cave and his gang, though? They’ve already got three under their belts. That seems like plenty of live albums to me. But then again… I’m just a monkey at a typewriter trying to fill space until the next guy takes over. What do I know? Besides, whether we like counting that high or not, according to The Quietus, live record number four is already on its way down the pipe. Entitled Live at KCRW, it will be released on December 2. Let’s just get over it already!

Plus, this one is a little different than most live albums anyway. It’s culled from a radio session that the band did this past April at Los Angeles’s KCRW studio in between their two performances at this year’s Coachella fest. You know, while they were pretty drunk, but not yet totally drunk. It’s being released on double vinyl, CD, and digital, and the vinyl will include “a couple of extra tracks not broadcast in the original session.” There’s a trailer for it at this place called the internet, but it seems to be set for private viewing only. You can watch it on that Quietus page I mentioned earlier if you want to, though. Or! Just jam along in your head to this kickass tracklisting I’m about to post the shit out of. That’s just as good, I assume.

Live at KCRW tracklisting:

01. Higgs Boson Blues
02. Far from Me
03. Stranger Than Kindness
04. The Mercy Seat
05. And No More Shall We Part
06. Wide Lovely Eyes
07. Mermaids
08. People Ain’t No Good
09. Into My Arms (vinyl only)
10. God Is in the House (vinyl only)
11. Push the Sky Away
12. Jack the Ripper

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