NNA Tapes to release albums from Wanda Group and Travis Laplante/Peter Evans

NNA Tapes to release albums from Wanda Group and Travis Laplante/Peter Evans
Wanda Group

Boy, what a miserable holiday season we just had, am I right? I mean, I don’t know about you, readers, but I didn’t get ANYTHING that I wanted. And it’s not like I was asking for gold and frankincense and shit, you know? I only wanted TWO THINGS: some new musique concrète jammage from perennial TMT kitchen sink-meister Wanda Group (a.k.a. Louis Johnstone) and a lousy little CD of duets for trumpet and sax by improv wiz Peter Evans and sax-brandishing Battle Trance bandleader Travis Laplante. Seems like a humble enough wishlist, don’t you think? Thanks for NOTHING, loved ones!

Luckily, all is not lost. Here comes NNA Tapes to my rescue with their first couple of 2016 releases. The first is, conveniently enough, Wanda Group’s Ornate Circular, which comes out on February 5 and in which “Johnstone’s recurring use of liquid, aqueous sounds are paired with the stifling hiss of room recordings, pitting oceanic vastness and claustrophobic confinement against each other.”

And the second is, you guessed it, the Travis Laplante and Peter Evans collaboration Secret Meeting, which also comes out on February 5 and encompasses “a vast array of sounds and an umbilical cord-like connection, [embodying] profound exhaustion in one moment, as though the players’ collective weariness might altogether slump them over, and [managing] unparalleled vitality and vigor in the next.”

Boy, I don’t know how NNA Tapes knows me so well, readers, but I’m not about to look two experimental gift-horses in their highly-experimental mouths! In the meantime, if you’re in the same lonely miserable year-end boat I was, you’ll want to keep your experimental eyes experimentally-peeled for additional ordering info as it becomes available from NNA Tapes. Also, you can feast those experimental eyes on these tracklistings down below.

Travis Laplante/ Peter Evans Secret Meeting tracklisting:

01. After the End
02. Nothing is what it seems
03. Secret Meeting
04. Sand

Wanda Group Ornate Circular tracklisting:

01. Love Inside the Ever Moving Sink
02. The Storm Car Vat

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