Nobody is releasing Vivid Green on July 30, Nobody at all; I guess no news is good news?

Nobody is releasing Vivid Green on July 30, Nobody at all; I guess no news is good news?

Every year around the end of July somebody steps up to release a new record on Alpha Pup Records. This year Nobody is doing that. That’s right, Nobody is releasing an album on Alpha Pup, and Nobody is calling it Vivid Green. Why has Nobody stepped up to the plate? I guess because Nobody feels like he is capable. Apparently Nobody is interested in “bass heavy beats, electronic bangers and psychedelic rock,” because, if somebody had an album coming out at the end of the month that’s probably what it would have on it. Since Nobody is releasing an album, though, who knows what’ll happen as our verdant planet rolls into a new month.

If anybody was putting this album out, they’d probably get vocal collaborations with folks like Cedric Bixler-Zavala, Baths, Nocando, Anna Wise, and Teri Gender Bender. But again, Nobody. Nobody has put a single on SoundCloud, either. (Seems a little unbelievable, right? No one? No new tracks on SoundCloud? I’m sticking right with the press release, though.) If anybody, anybody at all really, had put something new up on SoundCloud, I would def post it below (it is my job after all, LOL!).

Nobody has been making music since back in 2000, when Nobody made an album called Soulmates. Honestly, that previous sentence seems like a huge overreach. Nobody’s made any new music in over 13 years?!?!?!?! For real? I just double checked the press release, though, and that’s what it says. I guess if anything, that’s the real news in this news-free post: all that music we thought we had been listening to? Turns out it’s all been fake.

Imagined tracklist for Vivid Green which Nobody is actually putting out:

01. Third Charm
02. Pentwater
03. Our Last Dance
04. Rhombus
05. Flat Black
06. Sleeping Alone
07. Iceplants
08. Rex
09. Spliff!
10. In Limbo
11. Vivid Green
12. Beaches

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