Noname announces debut album Room 25 out September 14 (A.K.A. THIS Friday!)

Noname announces debut album Room 25 out September 14 (A.K.A. THIS Friday!)


Following up her excellent 2016 mix tape Telefone — one of the year’s best releases — with two years of exactly zero new music, Noname is at last set to release some new material.

It just so happens that that new material is in the form of her official debut album, titled Room 25. But just wait…as if a Noname album wasn’t a big enough announcement for you, Room 25 out on September 14. Check your calendars ya’ll, that’s this Friday! Mere days away!

Keeping our anticipation at the most feverish of pitches, Noname has not released any music videos, nor teaser trailers, nor alternate reality games (at least at the moment) to preview any tracks off of Room 25. All we’ve got to go on is artwork and a tracklist, which for this abbreviated hype cycle, is frankly enough to get us excited.

Check out that artwork and that tracklisting, as well as Noname’s upcoming Australian tour dates (okay, I’ll include a couple of headlining shows just to make it a little more exciting) down below. AGAIN: Room 25 is out on September 14, which remains this Friday. This one oughta be good.

Room 25 tracklisting:

01. Self
02. Blaxploitation
03. Prayer Song
04. Window
05. Don’t Forget About Me
06. Regal
07. Montego Bae
08. Ace
09. Part of Me
10. With You
11. no name

Noname in Australia:

09.21.18 — Melbourne — The Forum w/ Genesis Owusu + Colette
09.22.18 — Melbourne — Listen Out
09.23.18 — Perth — Listen Out
09.25.18 — Sydney — Metro Theatre w/ Genesis Owusu + Flex Mami
09.29.18 — Sydney — Listen Out
09.30.18 — Brisbane — Listen Out

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