Northern Spy makin’ Record Store Day all special with releases from Cloud Nothings and Arto Lindsay

Northern Spy makin' Record Store Day all special with releases from Cloud Nothings and Arto Lindsay

Attention people who love lining up outside of record stores at 4 AM and trampling dudes in long-unwashed jackets in order to get a limited-edition music box with a ballerina inside of it, but instead of a ballerina, it’s a little figure of Jack White spinning around, and it plays the new Jack White single and it costs $20, but you can flip it on eBay in a few hours for $500 — yep, attention, you people: there’s a new Record Store Day release on the block!!! Well, actually two, and they’re from Northern Spy, so it’s, like, good music instead of a novelty condom that has the lyrics to Beck’s new single engraved within the ribbing.

Here’s what they have: a special reworked/remixed/what-have-you version of Cloud Nothings’ Here and Nowhere Else, featuring a bunch of faaaaabulous Ohioans. They also have a double LP version of the 2014 release of Arto Lindsay’s Encyclopedia of Arto, which includes Lindsay-selected tracks from his solo albums written between 1996-2004 plus solo voice/guitar reworkings of album tracks, as well as Prince and Al Green covers.

Ready your tramplin’ shoes, ya nerds, because Record Store Day 2015 is almost upon us!!!

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