Not Not Fun releases composer Ben Babbitt’s ambient soundtrack to Amanda Kramer’s Paris Window

Not Not Fun releases composer Ben Babbitt's ambient soundtrack to Amanda Kramer's Paris Window

warped ambient bumper muzak tension

The above words were the prompts given composer Ben Babbitt for filmmaker Amanda Kramer’s 2018 flick, Paris Window. While I would have assumed this was some kind of incomprehensible puzzle and huddled on the floor in the fetal position, Babbitt went ahead and created a whole darn soundtrack!

The score, due August 30 via Not Not Fun, is full of “serene synthetic swells decay into murmuring television static and eerie vocal fragments; close-mic’d drones turn acidic then claustrophobic, mirroring sleep paralysis transformed into panic,” as the label writes.

Tune in to album opener “They Love Each Other,” streaming below, and head here to pre-order your copy of Paris Window on vinyl and digital formats.

Paris Window- Original Score tracklisting:

01. They Love Each Other
02. Zwilling 1: Paris Window
03. Zwilling 2: An Echo
04. Spirit Gate
05. Investigation
06. Waiting and Watching
07. The Landlord
08. Sunny’s Party
09. Two Yous: The Zwilling Hotline
10. Julian and David
11. Ready For Your Life

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