Nyege Nyege Tapes release singeli producer Sisso’s debut album, Mateso

Nyege Nyege Tapes release singeli producer Sisso's debut album, Mateso

Anyone familiar with the unparalleled output from Nyege Nyege Tapes over the last few years — releases from Jay Mitta, Bamba Pana, and the heavy-hitting comp Sounds of Sisso, for example — should be aware of the rapid-fire dance music style out of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania called singeli. But hey, if you haven’t yet been acquainted to the future (and why would you? It is the present, after all), I have great news: there’s never been a better time than now!

Nyege Nyege Tapes has released the debut LP from the scene’s figurehead, Mohamed Hamza Ally — a.k.a. Sisso — called Mateso. It compiles eight tracks recorded during the last four years along with eight bonus tracks, all offering some of the most frenzied, forward-looking music East Africa has to offer.

But enough jabber! Mateso is available now on all your favorite digital, colored vinyl, and LP+cassette formats (grab it every which way here). Preview the album’s hyperactive title track alongside the full tracklisting below, and let me know what the future is like when you get there. (Personally, I hope it’s nice.)

Mateso tracklisting:

01. Biti No 5
02. Biti No 7
03. Biti No 15
04. Hatari
05. Biti No 1
06. Mateso
07. Sisso Sisso
08. New Bit
09. Aran [Bonus]
10. Chaka [Bonus]
11. 6 [Bonus]
12. Chafu [Bonus]
13. Pita Kapita [Bonus]
14. Nyege Nyege [Bonus]
15. Chakiki [Bonus]
16. Tekenye [Bonus]

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