Nyege Nyege Tapes releases vinyl version of Otim Alpha’s debut gyration promoter, Gulu City Anthems

Nyege Nyege Tapes releases vinyl version of Otim Alpha's debut gyration promoter, Gulu City Anthems

Even though it’s unlikely that anything will imminently dethrone the MJ classics as the DJ songs of choice at American weddings, at last there’s a secret horse entering the race that can compete for the role as premier pre-consummation banger (no pun intended). Otim Alpha’s probably been to his fair share of weddings in his native Uganda; and in the process, he’s seemingly become deeply familiar with traditional wedding songs affiliated with the local Acholi tribe and connected with the Larakaraka form of dance that’s otherwise treated as a method of courtship. Basically, this music is fast-paced, unstoppably celebratory , and engineered to get the optimism up until it’s spilling out of your mouth and ears.

Vinyl aficionados have now been fabulously rewarded for that optimism, because subsequent to Alpha’s very first release, Gulu City Anthems, on cassette early last year, Nyege Nyege Tapes (one of our favorite labels of 2017) is now releasing that album on limited-edition (300 copies) purple vinyl.

For those who aren’t up to speed on the album’s background, it features 11 songs written and recorded between 2004 and 2015 in Northern Uganda. The release was apparently enough to earn Alpha a spot in the lineup of last year’s Unsound festival.

Sample some tracks from the album down below; and then, after you’re feeling nicely amped up, snag your copy of the LP version (on standard black or the limited-edition color iterations) from Boomkat. And then, after that…Celebrate!

Gulu City Anthems tracklisting:

01. Gang Ber Ki Dako
02. Anyomo Laber (Paliyec)
03. Bilaber Cwerocwinya
04. Lok Lobo Cwero Cwinya
05. Too Wiye Ming-Alphazo
06. Toni G
07. Wilobo Lanyi
08. Coo Oromo
09. Cam Ki Lawoti II
10. Agiki Ne Tye
11. Kodi Pa Barikiya (Kwan)

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