Oakeater release new album Aquarius on SIGE, premiere Daniel Menche-directed video for “Wishful Beginnings”

Oakeater release new album Aquarius on SIGE, premiere Daniel Menche-directed video for "Wishful Beginnings"

In case you’ve been living under a mighty, magic rock or perhaps inside the hollow log of some mythologically significant Norse tree, here’s a quick digest of all the news that’s probably significant to your worldview:

Chicago experimental metal trio Oakeater just released their second full-length album last week via SIGE Records. It’s called Aquarius and, according to the label, is “cinematic in scope” and builds “slowly through bone-chilling, apocalyptic dirges” before surging into “repetitive chords of synth-noise and guitars constricting around the throttled vocalizations” and culminating in an “urgent, ominous drone” at the end of the album. Sounds like a damn-fine movie to me.

The album was recorded and mixed by none other than Greg Norman (Pan American, Pelican, Locrian, Jon Mueller, Russian Circles, etc.). And, in addition to being available digitally right now, you can also get your spooky, gloom-and-doom metal lovin’ treefingers on an extremely limited LP edition of the album (just 150 copies), all of which include hand-stamped labels and a custom letterpress-printed jacket, with artwork and design by Faith Coloccia.

But wait, don’t brush the spiderwebs from your beard/ponytail and rush out to grab the record just yet. There’s totally another thing: the band is premiering a new video for the album’s ominous opening track “Wishful Beginnings” TODAY! And oh, you’ll never guess what? You can totally watch the Daniel Menche-directed video right here, right now, for free (assuming you’ve got Wi-Fi in that tree log of yours, that is). Enjoy it, log-dweller. And… do try to get out more.

Aquarius tracklisting:

01. Wishful Beginnings
02. All That is Sacred
03. Hatchet
04. Maps
05. Aquarius
06. Respite

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