Octo Octa (a.k.a. THE LOVE DOCTOR) to release romantic new EP on Ninja Tune imprint Technicolour

Octo Octa (a.k.a. THE LOVE DOCTOR) to release romantic new EP on Ninja Tune imprint Technicolour
Maya Bouldry-Morrison a.k.a. Octo Octa a.k.a. [insert goddess of love and lust name here]

Close those shutters, light those candles, and put on the kissin’ oil folks, it’s time for a new EP from love-n-rhythm-makin’ master Octo Octa. This one’s called For Lovers and will be released this March on Ninja Tune’s Technicolour imprint.

As we’ve learned to expect from Maya Bouldry-Morrison — whether it be from last year’s palm-sweating EP with Eris Drew (a lover of hers, of course) or from one of her phenomenal past LPs — For Lovers promises profound vulnerability, radicl self-acceptance, and of course some good ol’ sexual healing. Whew, is it getting HOT in here or what?

Anyway! The EP’s opening track, “I Need You,” features Bouldry-Morrison’s first vocal performance in years. It, along with the two subsequent tracks, find a woman who has been through intense emotional turmoil returning to “why she is musician in the first place: to heal herself and to heal others.” The second track, “Bodies Meld Together” comes out of a lived encounter and “evokes the mystical penetrating experience of a connection ritual that is at once obliterating and rejuvenating.” Boy, just reading that made me feel like this.

So before you drop some more stacks on an(other) online sexual healing course, go ahead and give this a spin; a little bit of bold partner-to-partner healing is what we can all use sometimes. Stream the appropriately-titled “I Need You” down below and head over to Technicolour’s Bandcamp to pre-order For Lovers on digital and vinyl ahead of its Valentine-defying release date of March 1.

For Lovers tracklisting:

01. I Need You
02. Bodies Meld Together
03. Loops For Healing

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